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Garden advice


With a 2-hour consultation, I offer expert advice, design solutions, and plant ideas to get your garden project started. In some cases, I can also provide an A3 plan sketch of your garden. This service includes travel within a 10km radius of Hamilton.

This option is ideal if you're a DIY-er seeking initial ideas and guidance. However, it may not be suitable if you have a medium to large section that requires a complete landscaping overhaul or if you need precise measurements and accurate contractor quotes.

To make the most of your consultation, consider sending me your house plan or photos of your garden beforehand. This allows me to draw on top of them and show you what your garden could look like.

Concept plan.jpg

Concept plan

A Concept plan is a precise, fully-scaled layout of your landscape. It shows circulation, hard surfaces, structures, lawn spaces, garden beds, and named trees and plants. Additionally, you'll receive a plant suggestion list with information on all the plants named on your plan. You'll receive a laminated, color copy of the plan as well as a digital version.

This plan is a great option for DIY-ers who want a scaled plan to follow and are willing and confident to add their own design touches. You can also obtain installation quotes from our recommended landscape contractors, but you'll need to specify the materials. We can also provide an estimate for plant supply.

However, this plan option may not be suitable if you struggle to visualize your future garden without 3D renders or if you have a large, complex project with many details. It's also not recommended for projects involving swimming pool installations or if you need a landscape plan for subdivision approval.

$800 -$1500

Design plan

$1500 - $3500

This comprehensive package includes a laminated, scaled A1 plan with stunning, coloured computer graphics and 3D renders of your house and new garden to help you visualize the final outcome. The plan contains all the necessary details to create your dream landscape, including descriptions and specifications of all areas and products, named feature plants, and a list of suitable plants for the landscape.

In addition to the plan, the package also includes a video tour, an extra meeting for any necessary changes, and a design information booklet. The booklet provides detailed information about the chosen products, materials, and features, as well as a list of all the plants with descriptions and maintenance notes. It also offers a helpful guide with useful tips about planting, mulching, fertilizing, and landscape supplies, and a list of recommended landscape contractors.

This package is ideal if you want a stunning landscape with all the necessary information to ensure that it is constructed and finished to a high design standard. We can even help you get an accurate installation quote based on the Master Plan and provide an estimate for the cost of plants.


However, if you are a DIY-er on a tight budget, have a small garden, don't require all the extras, or can easily visualize your garden from a plan, this package may not be suitable for you.


Kris Edwards plan jpg.jpg
Design Plan 2B.jpg

Planting plan additional option

$500 - $1200

A planting plan is an optional addition to the design services and is typically only available as an add-on to a larger design package. However, if you already have a garden bed layout established on your property, it is possible to get a planting plan. The plan will show the exact location and size of each plant after 10 years.


The planting plan includes images of each plant and a plant schedule that lists botanical names, common names, and quantities of the plants, as well as maintenance advice where needed.


By following the planting plan, you can ensure that your garden beds are planted in the right location and avoid having to remove crowded plants at a later date. This can be useful if you want to create spectacular garden beds and get an accurate quote for plant supply and/or planting your garden.

Backup of Planting plan.jpg
Backup of Planting plan.jpg

$120 per hour plus travel

Project Management 

I'm available to help you make the plan become reality. I can help you find the right contractors and I can do site visits during the construction. If you are wanting to tackle the project yourself, I can come to your site to give you guidance such as taking measurements and setting out the site.

Plant Supply and Placement

request a quote

Sourcing the right plants at an affordable price can be a daunting task. To help make the plant purchasing process easier and more cost-effective, I have connections with wholesale nurseries throughout the country. This allows me to source high-quality plants at a competitive price, which I can then deliver directly to your door. If you have a planting plan, you can place each plant in its designated spot. However, if you don't have one, I can assist in ensuring that each plant is positioned appropriately, allowing them enough space to grow and achieve your desired look and feel.

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